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Science & technology

Science & technology

These science programmes at Labour college of East Africa aim at imparting research-oriented and design-centred and technical education to students, and thus producing the workforce that will transform the work landscape of Uganda and the whole region.

The programmes at LCEA combine precise coursework with exciting research opportunities based on real-world problems thus ensuring a broad-based education which can lead to numerous diverse career paths.

Science And Technology Courses

  • Certificate in Livestock Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Certificate in Information Technology
  • Certificate in Computer Repair and Maintenance
  • Certificate in Electrical Installation
  • Certificate in Secretarial Studies and Record Management
  • Certificate in Building and Concrete Practice
  • Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
  • Diploma in Public Administration (DPA)
  • Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
  • Diploma in Records And Information Management (DRIM)
  • Diploma inPrimary Education (DPE)
  • Certificate in Tick born disease and control
  • Certificate in Mastitis and its Control
  • Certificate in Good milk hygiene and practices
  • Certificate in Nutrition and pasture management
  • Certificate in Vet drug management on the farm
  • Certificate in Value addition
  • Certificate in Live stock and animal products marketing
  • Certificate in Farm management


As soon as you join the Labour College family, you become part of a network of students, lecturers and friends, who will assist and support you during this exciting journey in your life.

Our courses are designed to make your learning as comfortable as possible, with facilities that allow you to build your career in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Our lecturers will provide all the support and guidance you require, so you leave Labour college with an unforgettable campus experience.

Detailed information, and forms can be mailed to you upon request.